Pomorskie Centrum Technologiczno Badawcze

  • Testing laboratory
  • Expertieses
  • Designing
  • Electrical Trainings
  • Concrete Testing
  • Measurement & Testing
  • Live-Line Work Trainings
  • Live-Line Work Equipment
  • Service

Welcome to our website

Pomorskie Centrum Technologiczno Badawcze Sp. z o. o. (Pomeranian Research and Technology Center) is an independent, certified research and service unit. We provide comprehensive services in the area of civil and electrical engineering, in fields of research, technologies and construction of telecommunication, electrical and energetic systems, also in fields of expertise, consulting and laboratory service for the civil engineering. Our employees are professionals in branches that they specialize in. Our team consist of experts who has many years of experience what guarantees the customers professional and high quality support. We cooperate with science and technical institutions and specialized research units so as to implement and promote high-tech solutions among the civil engineering and electrical companies. Thanks to our wide range of products we provide complex assistance.


Pomorskie Centrum Technologiczno Badawcze (Pomeranian Research and Technology Center) offers in the area of:

Civil engineering:

  • Expertise
  • Trainings in a concrete technology subject
  • Technical and technological support
  • Implementing Factory Production Control (FPC) and ISO
  • Concrete mix design
  • Concrete testing – in-field and laboratory, destructive and non-destructive
  • Preparing the documentation for the electric heated concrete
  • Preparing or verifying the technical specification for properties of concrete mix and concrete according to European and Polish standards (PN-EN 206-1 and PN-B-06265)
  • Comprehensive building sites and production facilities service in the area of testing building materials, concrete mix and properties of concrete according to proper standards.
  • Preparing exploitation manuals for production facilities.

 Electrical engineering:

  • Design of electric, computer, security and telecommunication networks
  • Professional installation of electric and telecommunication networks
  • Modernization and maintenance of electric networks
  • Measurement and testing of electric networks and devices
  • Electrical terminals and transformer stations
  • Trainings in electrical subject
  • Engineering supervision